Vaude Vesteral II -naisten untuvatakki punaruskea

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Vaude Vesteral II -naisten untuvatakki punaruskea

Kaunis vapaa-ajan untuvatakki naisellisella leikkauksella. Ihanan pehmeän takin täytteenä on 70/30-untuvasekoitus (cuin-arvo 500), joka on RDS-sertifioitua eli vastuullisesti tuotettua. Takki on malliltaan hieman normaalia pitempi, joten se suojaa hyvin myös alaselkää. Kiinteä ja säädettävä huppu, korkea kaulus sekä hihansuiden sisäpuolella olevat joustavat rannekkeet estävät viimaa tunkeutumasta takin sisään. Takissa on lisäksi joustava helma ja hihansuut. Tuote on valmistettu ekologisesti erittäin tiukan bluesign®-standardin mukaisesti.

  • Naisten tyylikäs untuvatakki vapaa-aikaan
  • Normaalia hieman pitempi leikkaus
  • Joustava helma ja hihansuut
  • Korkea suojaava kaulus
  • Kiinteä, säädettävä huppu
  • 2 vetoketjullista etutaskua
  • Päävetoketjun takana läppä
  • Hihansuiden sisäpuolella joustavat rannekkeet
  • Materiaali:
    • Päämateriaali: 100 % polyesteriä
    • Kalvo: 100 % polyuretaania
    • Vuori: 100 % polyamidia
    • Täyte: 70 % ankan untuvaa, 30 % ankan höyheniä (luokka I, cuin-arvo 500)
  • Väri: punaruskea (berry)

Vaude Vesteral II naisten untuvatakki - berry


Green Info



We strive for good working conditions and wages for all workers. We are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) and we are committed to continuously improve working conditions at all of our production facilities. We monitor these conditions regularly. VAUDE has achieved leader status, the highest status of FWF membership. 



With our Green Shape label, we offer functional, environmentally-friendly  products made from sustainable materials. They are manufactured under fair working conditions along the entire supply chain. The criteria for the label are strict and transparent. They are under constant review and cover the entire lifecycle of the product from design, through production, care and maintenance, to repair and the product’s end of life.

Eco Finish

VAUDE products bearing the Eco Finish been waterproofed in an environmentally-friendly way without fluorocarbons (PFC). PFCs are part of a group of chemical compounds which are used to waterproof the outer layer of many outdoor products. They have come under criticism for being non-biodegradable, bioaccumulative and toxic, and suspected of being harmful to health. VAUDE has made a clear commitment to completely renouncing PFCs. 

Renewable Materials


VAUDE uses renewable vegetable- or animal-based resources in the manufacture of this product. This saves on fossil raw materials.




With the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) , VAUDE ensures that the down or feathers used in our products come exclusively from geese, ducks or other waterbirds that have been treated in accordance with animal-welfare standards. Practices such as live plucking and foie gras production are expressly excluded.RDS is a certification from the independent Textile Exchange organisation that allows us the seamless tracing of down and feathers along the entire supply chain.


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